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An exciting and in depth look into the world of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with comics, movies, animation, video games and toys!

About the Hosts

Eric WillProfile Photo

Eric Will


Co Host and Raphael enthusiast, Eric is always ready to ask the age old question " Pineapple or no Pineapple on your Pizza?"
For the record, he is a No Pineapple kind of guy!

Justin CooperProfile Photo

Justin Cooper

Podcast Host, aspiring Voice Actor

Justin the the Host and Creator of the Epic Tales from the Sewers podcast as well as one of the creators for the Epic Shell Facebook group and TMNT fan club.
Justin got into Turtles when he was a kid watching the cartoon and getting the figures for Christmas gifts, but he was most passionate about the Comics. The TMNT Adventures or Archie Turtles are what got him into the Turtleverse most.
Justin claims to be able to beat the Dam in the NES TMNT without losing a Turtle!