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April 23, 2023

Talking Turtles, with Teddy from Teddygaming Review!

Talking Turtles, with Teddy from Teddygaming Review!

Eric and Justin are joined by the creator of the Youtube series Teddy Gaming Review!

With his own Podcast to discuss the TMNT comics "Talking Turtles", and his new series of Motion Comics on Youtube Teddy has become one of the most prolific Turtle content creators out there today.

Between his interview series and motion comics we are happy to interview Teddy himself and get the story behind Teddy Gaming reviews and just what he loves about the Turtles.

Join Eric and Justin as we Interview Teddy and discuss his favorite Turtle and ask the age old question, Pineapple or no Pineapple on his Pizza!

A very sensible Pizza time just for Teddy! Raph's Pizza Waffles.


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