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March 19, 2022

David Nguyen from Tentacle 10

David Nguyen from Tentacle 10

On this episode Justin and Eric are talking turtles and tentacles with David Nguyen!

Not only is David the co-owner of the shop Tentacle 10, but he happens to travel the convention circuit with Kevin Eastman!

Talk about the inside scoop! David talks about some of his favorite moments on the road and just what his experience has been like. 

All this gearing up for the 2022 tour for the Kevin Eastman fan club and in anticipation for the Last Ronin issue #5 released later this year.

Join us as we chat about everything TMNT with David, a seasoned Con veteran and turtle fan himself!

Be sure to check out Tentacle10.com and order yourself some cool collectables!

A new Pizza Recipe for Breakfast too!



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