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Nov. 21, 2022

Epic Tales from the Sewers with Thom Bulman

Epic Tales from the Sewers with Thom Bulman

You may recognize the name Thom Bulman from season 4 of the reality series Ink Master, or from his appearance on Grudge Match, but today he is all about Turtles and discussing the new release of his custom sneakers the Bullairs!

Thom is a Tattoo artist and fashion designer who has created something any Turtle's fan would love to wear in his Bullair sneakers.

Listen in as we discuss how he got started, his inspirations for shoes, some Ink Master questions and thew strangest places he ever put a tattoo.

Trust us Thom can definitely keep up and he has a Turtle Cave that was full of vintage action figures of all kinds,and Both Justin and Eric swooned at the sight of his room.

Check out Bullairs.com or follow Thom on Instagram @bull_airs and @Bull_airs_official.


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Thom BulmanProfile Photo

Thom Bulman

Artist/Creator/ Tattoo Artist/ Entrepreneur/ clothing designer/ Reality Star

Rochester NY Native now residing in Cortland NY. Celebrity tattoo artist , actor and avid toy collector who is widely-known for his appearance on season 9 of spike/paramount's INK MASTER. Thom has over a decade of tattoo experience under his belt along with 35 plus years of collecting all things pop-culture.
Award-Winning cartoon tattoo artist and caricature creator, seen on Ink Master Season 9 and Ink Master Grudge Match Season 1.
Clothing and sneaker designer and owner of Bulairs brand sneakers.