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Sept. 10, 2021

Last Ronin Issue Four Preview Special

Last Ronin Issue Four Preview Special

Back again with Eric and Scott, we are discussing our predictions for The Last Ronin issue #4. 

What will become of Donnie and Splinter? Will we see the end of Oroku Hiroto, and what part do the Fugitoid and Baxter Stockman have yet to play?

Eric and Scott talk about the 50 Variant covers!

In the second part Eric and I are joined by Jolzar from Jolzar Collectables. 

A big time Turtles and Power Rangers fan, with the inside scoop on his Variant covers for the Last Ronin issues 1-5!

We hear the story behind some of the most iconic covers of the Last Ronin and a preview for the issue five artwork!

Be sure to check out our guest's website at jolzarcollectables.com!

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